Thanks for your attention to the webinar “BRICS – Image of Energy 2020+” scheduled for April 28th, 2020, @ 17.00 Moscow Time. We have observed so many registrations for the webinar and we cannot be more sure that you will have a full understanding about the BRICS fuel and energy sector’s future in the context of the challenges 2020.  
We are delighted to introduce the full list of the webinar speakers. I must confess that it is rare to see so many high-level experts in a single discussion room. So, here they are:

BRICS Energy Expert Panelists:

  1. Mr. Alexey Gromov, Chief Director on Energy Development, Institute of Energy and Finance (Russia),
  2. Mr. Nikita Kapustin, Senior Researcher, Institute of Energy Studies, Russian Academy of Science (Russia),
  3. Mr. Vijay Menghani, Chief Engineer, Central Electricity Authority, Ministry of Power, Government of India (India),
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth Marabwa, Chief Director: Programmes & Project Management Office, Department of Mineral Resources & Energy (Republic of South Africa),
  5. Prof. Diane Hildebrandt, Director, Institute for the Development of Energy for African Sustainability, University of South Africa (Republic of South Africa),
  6. Ms. Lorena Melo Silva, Advisor, Department of Energy Planning, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Government of Brazil (Brazil),
  7. Ms. Maria Cândida Mousinho, Professor, Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA) (Brazil).

BRICS Young Energy Panelists:

  1. Ms. Kamila De Sousa Aben Athar Alencar, University of Brasilia (Brazil),
  2. Ms. Polina Chulkova, International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia),
  3. Mr. Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, Chief Executive Officer, National Solar Energy Federation of India (India),
  4. Mr. Israel Sekoko, President, South African Young Nuclear Professional Society (SAYNPS) (South Africa),
  5. Ms. Vanessa Ndlovu, PhD, Department of Economics, University of Pretoria (South Africa),
  6. Mr. Prasidh Kumar, Director, Solar Energy Society of India (India),
  7. Ms. Kamogelo Sehoole, Chairperson, Engineers Without Borders (EWB), University of South Africa (South Africa).

The webinar will be moderated by Mr. Alexander Kormishin, Chairperson, BRICS Youth Energy Agency. 

At the bottom of this post you will find the Webinar Timed Agenda and a Valdai Discussion Club Report “BRICS and the Rivalry Pandemic”, which can be also of great interest. Looking forward to welcoming you at the webinar.


  1. Webinar “BRICS – Image of Energy 2020+” (Download link);
  2. Valdai Discussion Club Report “BRICS and the Rivalry Pandemic” (Download link)

How to get connected to the webinar? In the follow-up to the webinar, it is important to make sure that you will be able to easily connect to a Zoom room. Please follow the steps described bellow:

  1. Make sure in advance that you have installed a Zoom application on your PC (Secure download links: WindowsmacOS) or smartphones (iOS: AppStore, Android: GooglePlay);
  2. Shortly before the start of the webinar, please proceed by the following link: Identification of the Zoom room is 869 1259 7029.

By doing so, you will most likely have no difficulties with the Zoom connection. We will also arrange the streaming on our Facebook page, so you are most welcome to join there. However, in this case you will not have a chance of direct participation in the discussion. 

If you are not sure how to get connected, tomorrow we will launch the Zoom room 2 hours prior the webinar, so you could make sure that everything works perfectly for you.


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