BRICS Youth Energy Agency comes back with the leading annual energy research developed solely by young scientists and professionals from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020 will be developed by young researchers teams from 30 leading BRICS universities and industry-related organisations.

Read more about the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019 and its presentation at the 2nd BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit in Moscow as part of the “Russian Energy Week” International Forum Youth Day. Check the Information Letter / Brochure / Term and conditions here.

About the Outlook

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020 is an international annual project by the BRICS Youth Energy Agency aimed at delivering a view of young people on the challenges that BRICS countries will be facing in the nearest future in the field of energy development. The Outlook is developed by teams of researchers, who are students, assistant researchers or young professionals representing leading universities and energy-related organizations from BRICS countries. The Outlook has gained much authority and recognition by the BRICS Energy Ministries as it reflects the view of the new generation of the industries’ leaders and professionals.

Research & Topics

As result of the survey held earlier, the topics of the Outlook 2020 have been defined. Applicant teams choose several topics as part of the registration (deadline – July 6, 2020, midnight), however, only one will be approved. The teams will be given a few weeks to accomplish their research according to the methodology provided. Additionally, every team will have a chance to contribute to the Special Topic of the Outlook, which is different annually and reflects a global trend. The contributed research papers will be edited and included into the Outlook. All the rights are secured by the Participants and BRICS Youth Energy Agency.

Presentation & Award

The teams’ participants who showed outstanding research papers and participated most actively in the development of the Outlook will be invited to take part into the 3rd BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit as part of the “Russian Energy Week” International Forum Youth Day (October 16, 2020) and awarded by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Energy Leadership. We cover traveling and accommodation expenses.


  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Others


  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • India
  • China
  • South Africa

Mean Age

Brazil 26‏‏‎ years
Russia 21‏‏‎ years
India 24‏‏‎ years
China 21‏‏‎ years
South Africa 31‏‏‎ years

Early Statistics Report:  August 23, 2020

Special Topic 2020:

Black Swans in Energy Industry: Turbulence on the World Energy Markets and Its Effect on Economic Development

Click here to see other topics of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020

How to become an Outlook 2020 Developer?



Before registration, please check the topics of the BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2020 and look through the status of the topics available. We mark the already taken topics in the table which you may find following the link below.



At this step you register a team and choose the desired topics for doing a research. Please take this step seriously and have your team mates’ data at hand. If you completed the registration form correctly, in 3 days you will be informed about successful registration with 1 distributed topic.

Contribute Research


After each step of the procedure, which includes Task 1 and Task 2, you shall provide the paper in accordance with the provided methodology. When you provide your papers, it goes to the Editorial Board which edits it and incorporates into the Outlook 2020.

Interviews with the Outlook 2019 Developers:

BRICS Youth Energy Outlook 2019

Launched out of sheer enthusiasm and strong believe in the need for energy research between the BRICS countries, the Outlook-2019 attracted more than 100+ young researchers and scientists from 13 BRICS leading universities and energy companies. The Outlook covered the main challenges that BRICS energy sectors face these days, including energy efficiency, cybersecurity, hydrogen energy and many more.

After 8 months of hard work the teams, who contributed the most, were invited to take part in the II BRICS Youth Energy Agency Summit in Moscow, Russia. The Winners were awarded by the Russian Minister of Energy and the Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education.

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